Turn Sublime Text into An Awesome IDE for Laravel / PHP with LSP and Intelephense

I like Sublime Text. I really do. I like how fast it is, how versatile it is, and overall I have a very good experience with it.

Despite how popular VS Code has become recently, I find it just a little slow to my liking. Then there is also PHPStorm which is feature-packed, but a little heavy to my liking.

So what if we can add some IDE features to an ultra-fast editor? That would be great isn’t it? Well that’s totally possible!

  1. Go to your Terminal app and install intelephense by running: npm -g i intelephense .
"enabled": true,
"command": [
"scopes": ["source.php", "embedding.php"],
"syntaxes": ["Packages/PHP/PHP.sublime-syntax"],
"languageId": "php",
"initializationOptions": {
"clearCache": false,
"licenceKey": "",

Now restart your Sublime Text and you are all done! You should now be able to autocomplete accurately.

Auto-completing for a model called Node in Laravel.



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Jian Jye

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